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Who Are We

A team of orthodontic specialists and certified orthodontic dental assistants committed to creating the best smiles for you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you achieve the smile that you deserve!

What We Do

Our office is solely focused on orthodontics and provide metal braces, clear braces, and invisalign treatment.

Our history

Dr. Lim started the office in 1995. He chose the Richmond downtown area because he saw a need to provide orthodontic care to this community. Over the past 22 years, we have had the privilege of treating many families.

Our New Patient Process


Initial Visit

At your first visit, the doctor will evaluate your smile and teeth to determine how we can address your concerns and create the best smile for you. We will provide a written cost estimate and discuss various treatment options.



In order to fully analyze and plan your case, our doctors require a full set of records, which includes models, x-rays, and photographs. After these records are taken, both doctors will spend dedicated time to review and discuss your case to decide the best and most efficient treatment options.



We will invite you back to review our findings and confirm the best treatment options. We purposely set aside time to fully analyze your case to make sure we decide on the best treatment option. We treat each one of our patients like family and we work hard to provide the best care that we can.

Why choose us?

As orthodontic specialists, our clinic is solely dedicated to improving smiles through braces and Invisalign. By only focusing on orthodontics, we are consistently working to improve to provide the best experience for our patients.

Dr. Bernard Lim has been treating patients in the Richmond area for over 20 years with over 3000 smiles improved. Dr. Derek Hou adds new expertise in digital orthodontics and Invisalign to our office. With both orthodontists working on all cases, you get the benefits and experience of both doctors to help create the best smile for you!

Starting with our team members, we treat everyone at the clinic like family. Most of our team members have been working here for over a decade and we pride ourselves on personally knowing each family that we treat.

At our clinic, our doctors give personal attention and spend extra time to evaluate and treat each patient. Since we purposely dedicate more time to each patient, we are able to customize treatment for each person.

Each case is personally reviewed and analyzed by both of our orthodontists. As a result, you benefit from the experience of both of our doctors in determining the best treatment for your smile.

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